General Information

We offer diving –packages in cooperation with a famous diving center (European management), located in Port Ghalib, 10 minutes drive from Marsa Alam Airport, 130 minutes south from Hurghada Airport.Because of this ideal location it is only a short distance to the best dive spots for divers with different needs and experience.

Diving in the Red Sea

Diving in the Red Sea is first class. The best of the reefs are absolutely stunning with a real diversity of life. Combined with the interesting wreck diving, a holiday to the Red Sea can be a trip of a lifetime. Diving is a serious business here and the industry has bought a lot of money to the region. Dive operators are beginning to realize how vital the protection of the reefs is and marine parks have been set up as protected sites in order to preserve them and the communities they support. Divers are charged an extra 5 USD to dive in the parks, money that goes back into the preservation of the reef. The whole of the Red Sea is protected with a ‘look but don’t touch policy’, and feeding of fish, wearing gloves, feeding of fish and wearing gloves is not allowed. The Red Sea is saltier than other oceans so you will require a little more weight than normal sea diving.

Discover the underwater world

Parrotfish, dolphins, angelfish, butterflyfish, clownfish, emperorfish, barracuda, tuna, turtles, napoleon wrasse, moray eels, stingrays, reef sharks, guitar rays, whale sharks and, occasionally, manta rays and dugongs.A world famous selection of dive sites boasting an unbelievable number of Giant Turtles as well as the chance to spot Dugongs and Guitar Sharks. A must for anyone visiting the Southern Red Sea.

Elphinstone Reef

A large cigar-shaped offshore that offers wall diving that is both exhilarating and spectacular, with regular sightings of Napoleons and Turtles as well as large Pelagics including Manta Rays, Grey Reef, Hammerhead and Oceanic white tip Sharks, Tuna and Barracuda; all drawn to the reef by its strong current and abundance of fish life.

Sha’ab Samaday

A short ride by bus and boat from Port Ghalib is Sha’ab Samaday, a horseshoe shaped reef known locally as Dolphin House. Offering truly spectacular diving including the awe inspiring Cathedral swim-through and a remarkable collection of hard and soft coral, anemone cities and a resident Napoleon Wrasse. The reef is also used regularly by a pod of Spinner Dolphins and there may be an opportunity to snorkel with them between dives.