Sha’ ab Samaday, better known as Dolphin House, is a kidney-shaped reef with a natural lagoon. For the one who want to swim in open water with spinner dolphins, its is the right place.

This bay has a beautiful , flat sloping sandy beach and a reef which is suitable for diving and snorkeling. Famous is the sea grass in the middle of the bay with it’s turtles. You even can see the endangered Dugong “sea cow”, which visit this bay from time to time to graze on the […]

The three Qulaan islands are the Maldives of the Red Sea Surrounded by turquoise water, with white sand and shallow lagoons, with the most colorful corals and tropical fish. The only one difference to the Maldives – the islands aren’t atolls, they are formed by fringing reefs atop a sandy ledge.

Egypt is a rather large country with 2 general seasons, a mild winter and a sunny summer. The majority of Egypt’s landscape is a desert, except for the White Mediterranean coast, the Nile Valley and the Delta. Between November and March the day times are pleasantly warm, whereas evenings and nights are cool and enjoyable […]